Super Chef Dough Rolling Kit (3 pieces)

$24.97 $49.97


Do you like pies, ravioli, pies, and biscuits?

Do you take too long to make your own homemade recipe?

And in the end they get ugly?

Be a professional Chef with this EXCLUSIVE Super Chef Dough Rolling Kit (3 pieces)!

There are 3 different styles that transform the dough -- they look BEAUTIFUL AND PROFESSIONAL.

Your family will be impressed: D

In a few seconds, you'll make your masterpiece with professional format like never before!

The Kit comes with 3 Types of Rolls:  1 round of 7.0 cm in diameter, 1 square cut out of 6 cm of side and 1 square cut out smaller of 4 cm of side

These dough rollers are VERY PRACTICAL!